I’m in the last few chapters of the first in my Extractor series trilogy, and it’s so exciting, I can barely concentrate on anything else. I can’t wait until the evening comes to sit down and craft the final scenes. One of Bold Strokes Books fantastic authors, Carsen Taite, recently posted she’s in a similar position. She was of the same opinion as I – the words simply can’t get onto the page fast enough.

There’s a downside though. Saying goodbye to the characters who’ve lived inside your head for the past six months. Knowing you’ll never write another line of their snappy dialogue, or get to see the heroines live out their fabulous new romance. I think there has to be a grieving period, a ‘letting go’, and it can be painful…until new characters grab your attention and you begin to mould them.

Or, as in my current case, you’re working on a series and get to carry on chatting with the same women into the next book, and the one after that. I wonder though, if in 2018, when I complete the trilogy, will I fall into a deep pseudo-depression, and miss them all terribly? Will my heart ache to know if all really is well that ends well?

I know not, but I do know I’m having lots of fun right now so I don’t rightly care! What’re your thoughts? As a writer or reader, how does your emotional connection settle after the conclusion of a book you’ve been invested in?