So Spring has sprung on our little island, and suddenly, everyone is either at their local DIY  store or garden centre. We are no exception. I invariably write in the evenings, so when I have some unusual spare time, I’m a sucker for the house and garden improvement.

We moved into our forever house just over six months ago, and we’ve got big plans for it. The sun showed its face this weekend, so the garden was first on our list…I thought our patio slabs were brown, but the pressure washer revealed their true colours (my whimsy  is boundless, as is my love for my lady). And so the weekend disappeared, along with around forty bags of garden rubbish to the local waste recycling centre. The discoloured white gravel has gone; the brown fence is in the process of becoming pale again; some of the lawn has disappeared via my shovel; and we’ve planted red onions.

My favourite piece of work over the weekend though? My watery declaration to the love of my life…

Feel free to vomit #hopeless#romantic