My lady shared a post the other day. It was a tale of a femme hoping to hear another femme strike out and speak up against what has unarguably been heinous treatment of the ‘femme condition’. The first femme was severely disappointed. The femme on stage made a laughing stock of herself and all other femmes in the process. My lady was unimpressed that the same mysogynistic shit still goes on that she had to cope with when she was just coming out…and for two decades after. 

When I had long hair, I was often advised that I was entering a gay club by the oh-so-helpful bouncers. I was also told by a particularly butch woman that I couldn’t possibly be gay because I had long hair. I cut it. Not because of her or anyone before her, but because it felt better. It suited who I was. Why is it then, that femmes have had to battle constantly for acceptance in our community? Shouldn’t we be glad that the stereotypical lesbian is a fallacy, and we come in all shapes, sizes, and hair cuts? Why do we put up roadblocks for our own people?

The woman on stage said that a femme is apparently identified by the fact that she is unable to mow the lawn. I say, why have a dog and bark yourself? That’s one of the reasons she has me – she lets me mow the lawn!