What if… I came back to the hotel and she’s not there?

Why are there stupid motivational quotes on this wall?

What if…I end up traveling home alone?

Why can’t she see how truly wonderful she is?

What if…everyone she knows told her how important she is?

Why can’t she see my love for her is stronger than her tar could ever be?

What if the lady was thinking about how hard life is, but how it’s worth it? What if she didn’t push the button and lived until she’s no longer meant to?

Why do we often concentrate on the ugly rather than celebrating the good within ourselves, the good that others can see even when we can’t?

What if…she does run and…and never came back…

Why is the world so concerned with happiness?

What if …’the happy’ is always there, even in the darkest moments, and it’s just hiding temporarily?

Why can’t she see that she is my perfect, not the stuff and nonsense we surround ourselves in?

What if…no one is actually ‘normal’?

Why does she believe our relationship is based on promises of prescribed behaviour? There is no “letting down”.

What if…she understood that I believe she’s everything I’ll ever want, need, and desire?

Why do a thousand words of love drown so easily in that damned tar?

What if…just once, she saw herself through my eyes? Would the breath come easier?


What if?