I had a request for a signed copy of my book today, and the lady said that her wife would “poop herself when she opened it on Christmas Day.” Once I’d got that image out of my head (I tend to think in Technicolor), it made me laugh. 

And then, it was very, very cool.

I thought about all the presents I’ve received over various stages in my life. From my first bike from mum and dad to the first piece of jewellery from a lover. From the first mini arcade game to the first food processor (yes, that happened). I remembered all the excitement of tearing or carefully removing the paper, depending on my level of self-restraint and how desperate I was to make the moment last. And then, the big reveal. Whatever it was under all that decorative Santa Claus themed wrapping paper, it was now all mine. And whether I enjoyed it for moments or for years, it was special. 

So how damn cool is it to know that this year, I’ll be under someone’s beautifully prepared Christmas Tree? Icy North Pole cool, that’s how cool! Coors Damme cold cool. 

That’s all for now. Back to Change in Time 🤗