Time. It’s a cruel mistress. There’s simply never enough of it. And how do you “make time?” There’s no actual recipe to bake days and weeks. There always seems to be more to do than the time you have to do it in.

Inevitably, things fall by the wayside. Jobs are put off. Deadlines are missed. Stress ensues. And people have advice, so much advice, on time management. “This is what I’d do,” “Have you tried..?” and “It’s easy to find excuses.” 

We have to decide on the important things. The “must do’s” and the “can’t nots.” And they’re different for everyone, and as individual as fingerprints. As I’ve gotten older, my priorities have changed. In a relatively new relationship, my focus is different. Things that were important in my thirties are no longer so. Things I neglected in my twenties now take priority. 

Balance. Priorities. Perspective. They all change over…time. The facts remain: it’s your life, and your time. There are no replays and no second chances. They’ll be your regrets and your satisfactions too. No one else’s.

Enjoy. Revel. Cherish. Relax. 

Work well. Work fast. Play hard. Play hardest. 

Kickback. Push forward. Stay centered.

Watch life. Live life. Taste life. Be life.

But don’t squander it on the inconsequential nonsense. Or do. Because it’s yours, and it’s up to you.