I got my first box of books back in November last year (Never Enough). I thought there could be no better feeling than the moment you hold a book chock full of your own words in your hands…

I was wrong.

Today, my fiancé, Brey Willows, received the fantastical box of her debut novel, Fury’s Bridge (available from Bold Strokes Books from April 1; and all other stores from April 17). There were tears (yes, just hers), and there was unbridled joy. She wasn’t expecting to be so affected, and despite me having to badger her to put fingertips to keyboard, I think she’s secretly quite proud of herself. As she should be – actually finishing a book at all is amazing,  but to have it published in the traditional sense is a great achievement.

But being there to share her overwhelming sense of surreal achievement was a privilege. And it felt damned good. Fury’s Bridge is a helluva book – full of imagination, humour, romance, and some yummy sex. You can wait to get it in April, or you can get in touch with her direct and get a signed copy right now! I’ve already got mine!