I was in Brighton delivering a paper called “On the Covers and Between the Sheets” when I got an email saying my second novel (Escape In Time) was at a store close to my home ready for pick up. 250 miles, five hours, and several detours later, I had them in my clammy hands!

I was so excited to receive my first box of books in October last year, and then be part of my love, Brey Willows, getting her first box of books, that I half expected the feeling to be more muted this time around.

Boy, was I wrong!

What an amazing feeling it is to hold that first copy of your next baby in your hands. 280 pages of just your own words. The dedications to the people who’ve made the journey with you. The little author photo smiling back at you.

To celebrate, I’m going to give a copy of Escape in Time to the author of the best comment on my previous book, Never Enough. Lady-fellow Bold Strokes Books author, Brey Willows, will be the judge, and she’s hard to please, so go wild and be creative! So…complete the sentence: 

“Therese made me …”

The lady judge will make her decision on March 10th, and I’ll ship worldwide so don’t let geography stop you! Good luck!