I wasn’t sure what to expect from this week long event. Brey Willows and I were debut authors there and were set to feature on several reading panels. We were also penned in to sign books at the fabulous store, Recovering Hearts. But what would people think? Would they like us? Would they want to read our words?

Including ourselves, there were nearly forty lesfic authors from Bold Strokes Books, the biggest LGBTQ publisher in the world. But boy, what a company! I only published with them in November 2016, but in that short time, I’ve come to discover that, while they want to make money (and who doesn’t?), they’re also absolutely committed to improving and developing the craft of all their authors. And their support is awesome – want to put on your own book reading with four other authors at a London bookstore? They’ll pay for the drinks and nibbles. Want to know how to put together your own book launch? Email Carsen Taite for a checklist. Want to advertise a local event you’re reading at? Contact Ruth Sternglantz. Need books for your readers? They’ll get them printed and sent direct to you. Fancy a spangly poster to advertise your book launch? Carsen can help.

I digress. You get the idea.

So anyway, P’Town is an amazing place year-round, but this week was in the proverbial league of its own. Walking down the street was like walking in a neighbourhood you grew up in, where everyone smiles and looks damn happy. The readers were lovely and generous with their laughter and appreciation. And author colleagues were amazing. It wasn’t easy getting there, and it won’t be something Brey and I will be able to do annually, but we’ll definitely be doing our best to make it back as soon as we can.

What made it so special? A sense of community. Togetherness. A collective sense of self. Of unity in otherness. An overwhelming feeling of acceptance and safety. A place to simply be yourself, and in today’s current climate, that’s not to be under-appreciated.

It was our kind of place 🤗