It’s day three of our little blog run in the week, which means you’ve only got two more days to wait until you can download our free eBook anthology, LesFic Eclectic. In case you didn’t know, I’m Robyn Nyx, and I’ve been responsible for bringing this project together, including the editing and cover and production design.

So who would you like to read about today? How about Jen Silver, plus new authors, Lee Haven and Rachael Byrne? Well, okay then…

1) Established authors only…What made you want to be involved in this project?

Jen Silver: The initial idea was to produce an anthology of stories written by authors who were at the inaugural European Lesfic Literary Conference held in Bristol in August 2018, with the premise of helping to provide funds for the next ELLCon. I loved the event and wanted to contribute so I started writing a story. When it became clear that there wasn’t going to be another ELLCon, Robyn Nyx (our editor), asked if I would be happy to have my story included in a restyled anthology, broadening the range of contributions to include new and established authors. I thought this was an excellent idea, and I’m also pleased that the anthology is being offered free of charge.

2) New authors only…How excited are you to be involved in this project?

Lee Haven: I’m absolutely honoured to be part of such an amazing project and can’t wait for it to see the light of day.

Rachael Byrne: I’m extremely excited to be part of this project. I think I’m still in shock that my story got picked!

3) What’s your story about and what genre does it fall into?

Lee Haven: The story is set in a private sex club and follows a sex worker on her night off. She introduces a newcomer to the scene and the pleasures of the flesh. It’s erotica but is very much focused on body image.

Jen Silver: My story is called Feathers and was inspired by a statue in the bar of the conference hotel. I’ve described the story’s genre as magical realism with a touch of romance as my main character finds herself attending the conference with a non-binary penguin in tow.

Rachael Byrne: My story is called Home to Stay. It’s an erotic romance and follows the story of the accidental meeting of Jay and Dani. Dani is the Managing Director of a lesbian escort company, and Jay uses the escort service when she’s home from working offshore. Jay’s escort cancels last minute, and Dani steps in with one proviso: it’s just dinner, not sex…

4) What kind of fiction do you like to write and why?

Lee Haven: I like to write romance with some real life problems and real people mixed in. I think everyone should be able to find part of themselves within the romance genre.

Jen Silver: I like to write contemporary romance because those are the kind of stories I want to read.

Rachael Byrne: I love to read romance and erotica, so my natural go-to was to write an erotic novel. I also love butch/ androgynous characters in my Lesfic, so I enjoyed creating Jay, the hot butch I’ve always dreamed about.

5) Tell us something about yourself that readers might not already know…

Lee Haven: I really suck at remembering names and faces, but I’m brilliant at remembering a voice.

Jen Silver: Asked to provide a fact about myself that readers might find interesting is a difficult question for me to answer. I don’t think my life features that many interesting things. One thing though: most people who meet me think I’m a calm, gentle soul. However, once a week I attend a boxercise session and really enjoy pounding the hell out of a punch bag. I’m told I have a powerful right hook…

Rachael Byrne: I review Lesbian fiction on my review website called Les Rêveur! I live and breathe two things; my son and reading lesbian fiction… Maybe next time I answer this question, it will be three things, because writing this short story has stirred a new passion I didn’t know was there!