Happy Saturday, wonderful people. I hope you’re having a great day, no matter whether you’re relaxing or working. It’s only two days until I release LesFic Eclectic Volume Two. If you haven’t already grabbed your free copy of volume one, click here, and you’ll be taken to BookFunnel to download whatever version works for you.

There are twenty authors between the sheets of this super anthology, including a few big names you’ll recognise, but mostly, as always, the focus of this project is to give a platform for new voices. On Coach Three, we have a mix of new, emerging, and established authors for you with Anne Shade, S Derkins, Sam Skyborne, and Katie Margaret Hall.

How excited are you to be involved in this project?

Anne Shade: I’m very excited to be involved in this project, because it gives me a chance to share my writing with a wider audience.

S Derkins: I loved the idea of reaching new readers. I had a free website for over a decade but out of the blue the webspace provider just disappeared and my site was gone with no warning. My long time readers were from the days of Xena and few knew of me outside that genre. This is a wonderful way to step into lesbian fiction and say hello!

Sam Skyborne: I find writing a very solitary endeavour and as a result, I tend to remain cooped up in my own ideas and projects. An anthology like this gives me the opportunity to step outside of those confines, to try something new, and participate in something bigger. It helps me grow and broaden my horizons. It’s a great honour to have a story published alongside so many other great writers..and it’s fun!

Katie Margaret Hall: I am honoured to be included in Lesfic Eclectic volume 2, among a number of inspirational writing colleagues, for a publication that I hope will bring a lot of joy to its readers after such a gloomy year! The story I chose is an excerpt from a novel-in-progress and being selected for the anthology has also given me a much needed motivation boost to keep going with it.

What’s your story about and what genre does it fall into?

Anne Shade: My story takes place during America’s post-civil war/reconstruction years and is about a woman who chooses to live as a man to be with the woman she loves and the difficulties and fear of living such a life in that time period. It falls into the historical romance genre.

S Derkins: Blue Moon is a light-hearted werewolf story. Big bad lesbian werewolf scents ‘the one’ on the breeze and tracks her down, discovering that her future mate is a female police officer. 

Sam Skyborne: It’s a letter from the narrator, in a future time when society has progressed and adapted to COVID as the new normal, who has written back to themselves in the current time, telling (warning) them about what is to come. Due to the time travel element, I guess it qualifies as science fiction, but I’d also argue it has a strong satirical element.

Katie Margaret Hall: Highland Fling is a story about getting back out there after heartbreak and the end of a significant relationship. It’s about rediscovery – of the self and of love. It’s definitely a romance piece!

What kind of fiction do you like to write and why?

Anne Shade: I love to write romance fiction. Whether it’s historical, contemporary, or fantasy, it’s my favorite subject to write about. To bring two characters to life on paper, weave a story about them connecting with each other on a deep emotional and physical level, throw some angst/drama into their story, and bring them back to find their Happily Ever After is therapeutic for me.

S Derkins: Quasi sci-fi and lesbian romance. If the idea is quirky then the Muse is interested.

Sam Skyborne: I like to write about people and topics that interest me. This might seem like stating the obvious, but it’s the easiest way to describe the commonality between the various books that I’ve written and the various projects I’m currently working on. They range from science fiction stories that question reality and our limitations, and often reflect on the human condition like Simulation, to intriguing, racy mysteries like Risk, to, more recently, The Sappho Romance, which effectively rewrites history by reinterpreting the mythology surrounding one of my heroes, Sappho.

Katie Margaret Hall: I write all sorts, not just fiction but poetry and creative non-fiction too. I can’t escape having a queer feminist lens on everything I write – it’s so ingrained in my DNA. I think I write a lot about relationships – not just romantic or sexual relationships, all kinds – and why relationships are important to us and shape our identities. 

Tell us something about yourself that readers might not already know.

Anne Shade: Writing wasn’t my first passion. I used to want to be a singer and actress, but after trying out for a singing group at fourteen years old and getting told I was good, but not good enough, I gave up on that dream.

S Derkins: That I’m old as dirt, project the stereotype grumpy-old-woman to the world, and love writing mushy romances. Shhh…

Sam Skyborne: Since my story is about COVID… my most recent lockdown challenge was learning the guitar, and as soon as the travel restrictions are finally over, I dream of touring the USA and Europe in a campervan.

Katie Margaret Hall: I wrote and created the UK’s first lesbian/bi/queer womxn’s web series, “She’s in London.” 

What’s your favourite line from your story in LesFic Eclectic Volume Two?

Anne Shade ~ For Her Love
“Well, you do make the fluffiest biscuits in the county, but your backside is a worthy sight as well, so that’s a tough one.”

S Derkins ~ Blue Moon
“You’re just humoring me until you can call the mental ward,” Kit said.

Sam Skyborne ~ Love in the Time of COVID
Video-calling had become the standard … reducing all the warmth and intimacy of friendship into those tiny squares on a flat screen.

Katie Margaret Hall ~ Highland Fling
Who could resist smouldering flames and single malt Scotch? The smoky smell of burning embers filled the room, and Carrie took in the relaxing ambiance.

Thanks for joining us on day three of our five day countdown to the big release day. Catch up on LesFic Eclectic Volume One here.

Helena Harte, Margaux Fox, Emma Nichols, AJ Mason, Eliza Hale, Emma Wallis, Lily Morris, Serena J Bishop, Anne Shade, S Derkins, Sam Skyborne, Katie Margaret Hall, Jenn Matthews, E.V. Bancroft, Anna Larner, Lee Haven, Carla David, Robyn Nyx, Brey Willows, and Valden Bush. How about that for a spectacular line up?