The last Sunday before Christmas—are you all ready? Tomorrow is the day when I release LesFic Eclectic Volume Two. You can still claim your free copy of volume one, click here and be whisked away to BookFunnel to download whatever version works for you.

There are twenty authors between the sheets of this super anthology, including a few big names you’ll recognise, but mostly, as always, the focus of this project is to give a platform for new voices. On Coach Four, we’ve got the perfect balance of two established and two new authors for you with Jenn Matthews, E.V. Bancroft, Anna Larner, and Lee Haven.

How excited are you to be involved in this project?

Jenn Matthews: I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to write something, what with working full time for the NHS and writing too, but a short story sprang into my brain and encouraged me. I love werewolves and reckoned it was time to make original a fanfic idea from years ago.

E.V. Bancroft: I’m delighted to be involved in this project. I really enjoy the range of the writing, that it is genuinely eclectic, so there is something for everyone.

Anna Larner: I’m proud and excited to be involved in this project for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the thought that I might be able to help a new author by writing alongside them for this anthology is super cool.  Secondly, if in doing so, a reader discovers my writing for the first time and it makes them happy, then that’s a fab bonus. 

Lee Haven: I have the good fortune to be part of this project for the second time, and that doesn’t make me any less excited about it. It’s always equal parts thrilling and nerve-wracking to share any part of your writing with readers.

What’s your story about and what genre does it fall into?

Jenn Matthews: My story is about an evening in the house of a werewolf and her girlfriend. I guess it falls into both romance and sci-fi; the latter of which is something I haven’t written before.

E.V. Bancroft: My story is about what happens when the passion has fizzled out in a relationship…can it be reignited? The story includes volcanoes and hula. Need I say more? 

Anna Larner: My quirky short story, Worry-Free Windows, is a contemporary romance. It’s all about chance encounters and the chemistry and sparks of connection that can happen when strangers chat over the phone, as the story follows double glazing salesperson, Jo, nicknamed Worry-full windows, and bartender, Holly, nicknamed Hatch, as they discover not only a mutual rapport but love. It’s a story full of banter and fun.

Lee Haven: My story is called Unconditional Friendship. It’s about women and the unique bond of friendship they share, and it can probably be classed as general fiction.

What kind of fiction do you like to write and why?

Jenn Matthews: I usually write slow-burn contemporary romance, which includes characters not usually seen, often with a disability or characteristic rarely written about. I want to tell the stories of ‘invisible people’, those that don’t get heard all that often. I guess I write romance because I like cute, fluffy and sweetness!

E.V. Bancroft: I like to write the kind of fiction I like to read, namely somewhere in the sweet spot between literary fiction and lesfic. My mission is to write something I’m genuinely pleased with, that can be classed as literary fiction with women loving women being the main protagonists.

Anna Larner: I’ve written two novels, Highland Fling and Love’s Portrait. I like to write contemporary lesbian romance, with an historical twist that lends the story context and depth. Although my work in progress, Highland Whirl, a sequel to Highland Fling, is purely contemporary. I love writing stories about women falling in love, it feels natural for me to do, and I know how important it is to have lesbian love stories out there in the world for readers to identify with and find consolation in.

Lee Haven: I love to write romance with authentic characters and some real-life problems mixed in. I also like to dip my pen into things that intrigue me and will hold my attention for the duration of the writing process.

Tell us something about yourself that readers might not already know.

Jenn Matthews: I can pretty much make anything out of crocheted yarn. We’re running a virtual craft fayre on the unit I work on and yesterday I made a dinosaur with a Santa hat on, to hang on someone’s Christmas tree.

E.V. Bancroft: I started writing stories and plays as a child growing up in Zambia (there wasn’t much else to do), and I once appeared on a children’s TV show performing a puppet show I’d written.

Anna Larner: Readers of my novels might not already know that I also love to write poetry. They might want to check out this year’s Queer the Shelves festival on YouTube and the “Playing with Words” panel to find out more.

Lee Haven: I like to write on the S-Bahn going in and out of the city, especially when I have trouble getting something specific on the page, though others may say, when I have writer’s block. 😉

What’s your favourite line from your story in LesFic Eclectic Volume Two?

Jenn Matthews ~ Switch
After being told about Elly’s condition, or “idiosyncrasies” as Josie preferred to put it, and once she’d got used to the idea, Josie had decided Elly was perfect just as she was.

E.V. Bancroft ~ Pele
Now was not the time to damp down the fire, but brush away the ash of familiarity and blow on the embers.

Anna Larner ~ Worry-Free Windows
Make no mistake, this was in every way a late night hold up as she robbed me of my breath and wounded my heart with her smile.

Lee Haven ~ Unconditional Friendship
If you truly love, you don’t love someone for their body only or despite their body. You love the entire package: body, heart and soul.

Thanks for joining us on day four of our five day countdown to the big release day. Catch up on LesFic Eclectic Volume One here.

Helena Harte, Margaux Fox, Emma Nichols, AJ Mason, Eliza Hale, Emma Wallis, Lily Morris, Serena J Bishop, Anne Shade, S Derkins, Sam Skyborne, Katie Margaret Hall, Jenn Matthews, E.V. Bancroft, Anna Larner, Lee Haven, Carla David, Robyn Nyx, Brey Willows, and Valden Bush. How about that for a spectacular line up?