Butterworth Books is a different breed of publishing house. It’s a home for Indies, for independent authors who take great pride in their work and produce top quality books for readers who deserve the best. Professional editing, professional cover design, professional proof reading, professional book production—you get the idea.

Butterworth Books is where Indies can find a supportive community of like-minded professional authors committed to creating the very best books, books that readers can’t tell apart from a traditional big five publishing house product. We’ve got evening and weekend virtual writing rooms to chat and work with fellow Indies, free marketing promo videos, cross-marketing in the books’ back matter, and an annual anthology to showcase your words.

LesFic Eclectic is an annual anthology showcasing new voices amongst old favourites.

LesFic Eclectic Volume One includes Lise Gold, Brey Willows, Jeannie Levig, Emma Nichols, Gill McKnight, Jenn Matthews, and Jen Silver, plus new voices Valden Bush, AJ Mason, E.V. Bancroft, Lee Haven, Kitty McIntosh, Rachael Byrne, and Carla David.

LesFic Eclectic Volume Two includes Emma Nichols, Sam Skyborne, Jenn Matthews, Anna Larner, Brey Willows, Serena J Bishop, S Derkins, and Katie Margaret Hall, plus new voices Helena Harte, Margaux Fox, AJ Mason, Eliza Hale, Emma Wallis, Lily Morris, Anne Shade, E.V. Bancroft, Lee Haven, Carla David, and Valden Bush.

Karen has worked with us at Global Wordsmiths for all six of her previous novels. Her latest romance, Come Dream with Me, is the first she’s releasing with Butterworth Books.