Idle hands. Devil’s work. Blah. So I stay busy with lots of other “stuff.” I’ve just finished working on a project that came up from the EllCon Lesfic Conference back in August 2018. Authors have gone and come, but we’ve now released LesFic Eclectic with fifteen authors who love their readers enough to give them free “stuff” and work together with other authors, regardless of publishing house or self-publishing stance.

LesFic EclecticWe’ve brought together a group of established authors and some brand new voices for your reading pleasure. You’ll find me and Brey between the sheets, Emma Nichols and Jen Silver, Gill McKnight and Jenn Matthews. But you’ll also find some new writers who may just become your favourites: Carla David, E.V. Bancroft, and Valden Bush to name just three. The clue to the anthology is in the title. We’ve got romance, sci-fi, general fiction, and erotica. The theme is great writing and a passion for lesfic. We hope you love it. Click here to access all versions of this lovely collection (or below for the PDF version). A Smashwords link will be up in November, but I’ve run out of time to do it before our vacation!


Prominent Lesfic reviewer, Carol Hutchinson over at LesBiReviewed, has read it and you can find her review here.

And, even better, it’s my intention to do this on an annual basis, so keep checking in for volume two in 2020.