Idle hands. Devil’s work. Blah. So I stay busy with lots of other “stuff.” I began this project that came up from the EllCon Lesfic Conference back in August 2018. Authors have gone and come, but I released LesFic Eclectic in September 2019 with fifteen authors who love their readers enough to give them free “stuff” and work together with other authors, regardless of publishing house or self-publishing stance. It’s since become an annual project dedicated to discovering new voices and helping emerging voices find their audience. Established authors are consistently kind enough to back the project and lend their considerable readership to support other writers. Aw, good stuff, eh?

Tuck yourself in and cuddle up with this collection of eclectic stories from twenty-four established, emerging, and new authors including Julie Cohen and M Ullrich, Helena Harte and Kitty McIntosh, and Tabetha Dale and Ally McGuire. Immerse yourself in a world of young mermaids and youthful angels; fresh new love and new bodies; a therapist who falls for a prisoner and the ex-head teacher who finds love with a student of old.

It’s time to experience bright, new voices as well as settling down with old favourites. The third volume of this annual anthology is unapologetic in its expansive genre offerings as it skips from romance to fantasy, and erotica to historical romance, and shows that it really does have a little something for all tastes.

We’ve brought together a group of established authors and some brand new voices for your reading pleasure. You’ll find me and Brey between the sheets, Emma Nichols and Jen Silver, Gill McKnight, and Jenn Matthews. But you’ll also find some new writers who may just become your favourites: Carla David, E.V. Bancroft, and Valden Bush to name just three. The clue to the anthology is in the title. We’ve got romance, sci-fi, general fiction, and erotica. The theme is great writing and a passion for lesfic. We hope you love it. 

LesFic Eclectic Volume One

Prominent lesfic reviewer, Carol Hutchinson over at LesBiReviewed, has read it and you can find her review here.

Open up the covers, and settle down with this stunning collection of eclectic stories from twenty established, emerging, and new authors including Emma Nichols, Margaux Fox, and Lily Morris. Let these talented wordsmiths take you on a journey of discovery from mature love to domesticated werewolves, new love to avenging goddesses, and second chance love to an apocalyptic world.

Open your hearts and minds to new experiences and new writers, and you might well find your next new favourite author. This anthology unabashedly genre hops from romance to fantasy, and erotica to romantic comedy, so that there really is a little something for everyone.

LesFic Eclectic Volume Two