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LesFic Eclectic Volume Two: Coach One on the Blog Train

Hey there, you lovely readers! I hope you’re all hearty and healthy and are looking forward to Christmas with your loved ones. My Christmas present to you this year is volume two of LesFic Eclectic, absolutely free of charge. It’ll be available to download from BookFunnel on the 21st December.

Nineteen authors and I have come together to create you a genre-hopping anthology of greatness. We’ve got some wonderful established names like Brey Willows, Emma Nichols, and Jenn Matthews, and our main focus, as before, is on the new and emerging authors like Emma Wallis, Valden Bush, and Margaux Fox.

On Coach One, we have new authors Helena Harte, Margaux Fox, and AJ Mason accompanied by Emma Nichols, an author with twelve books to her name. Enough chat from me, let’s talk to the talent:

How excited are you to be involved in this project?

Helena Harte: I’m so so excited to be a part of this anthology. I love that new and emerging authors are being give a platform to get themselves read by such a huge audience. And it’s wonderful to be supported by the established authors too and share the inside of a book jacket with them!

Margaux Fox: I’m really excited to have an opportunity like this and very grateful to be included. It is really amazing to see my name next to some of the big names that are also in this anthology. 

AJ Mason: This is the second time I have been lucky enough to be involved with the Lesfic Eclectic project. Last year was the first time I had allowed anyone outside of family and friends to see my writing, and it was wonderful to get such a positive reaction. To have my work accepted and included alongside stories from established authors is a real privilege. It was also a valuable learning opportunity, taking me through the process of submission, editing and publishing. I would recommend to any emerging author to get involved in amazing projects like this.

Emma Nichols: As an established author, I have an audience who are interested in finding out about new authors. Projects like these are a great way of me getting exposure to new readers whilst also supporting new authors to get seen by my readers. 

What’s your story about and what genre does it fall into?

Helena Harte: But You is a romance. It’s the internal thoughts and memories of a woman with serious self-esteem issues talking about the day she met her forever partner. There’s no room for super confident lovers in this story!

Margaux Fox: My story is a romance of sorts. A romance for someone who is bitter and tired and doesn’t believe real love is for someone like her. Oh, and it’s pretty hot too. 

AJ Mason: My story is piece of urban fantasy/horror about a woman with a dark secret. She is working as door security at a seedy nightclub when a beautiful woman walks into her life.

Emma Nichols: My story is called The Vigneron. It falls within the erotica genre. Think sex in a wine cave with a very hot, sexy vigneron, and you won’t be too far off.

What kind of fiction do you like to write and why?

Helena Harte: Romance, romance, and more romance. I’m a helpless romantic, so it seems like the natural thing to write. I believe there’s someone out there for everyone (and for some people, more than one), and I love how human it is to fall in love. I really enjoy writing about all the pitfalls and peaks that comes with and exploring the joys of two people coming together.

Margaux Fox: I love to write romance. I love to be able to represent relationships between two women positively in a way that really wasn’t available when I was growing up. I love writing writing characters with real chemistry. I love writing heated sex scenes. I love writing happy ever afters. I like to write darkness and grit too, and I hope that my stories show the light against the darkness. 

AJ Mason: I love writing Science Fiction and Horror. I have always enjoyed reading novels and short stories by the best in both fields. They both involve a level of world-building that really fires my imagination.

Emma Nichols: I like to write love stories that include strong elements of suspense. I enjoy creating plots that have twists and turns and keep the reader guessing whilst also having a beautiful, strong love story running in parallel.

Tell us something about yourself that readers might not already know.

Helena Harte: I’d love to swim with orcas in the wild, and I would’ve loved to have been an actress but I can’t stand looking into a camera lens (and also, more importantly, I can’t really act!).

Margaux Fox: My huge passion outside of words and writing is women’s sport. I love to support all sport for women and girls and am passionate about improving gender equality in sport. My main sport is rugby and interesting fact: I have represented England playing Rugby League and also represented Scotland playing Rugby Union. Unfortunately, I’m not getting any younger, so my involvement in the sport as a player is at a much lower level these days!

AJ Mason: I am working on my first full length sci-fi novel, The Helion Band, and I’ll be publishing it next year.

Emma Nichols: I hate this kind of question. I studied and practiced Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki.

What’s your favourite line from your story in LesFic Eclectic Volume Two?

Helena Harte ~ But You
You wrapped me up in a love so intense that it shone your light on my darkness, creating shadows that illuminated and celebrated our differences. Differences that smashed us together so that I could emerge, changed yet unchanged.

Margaux Fox’s ~ The Dance
She’ll think of me when she fucks herself silently in the quiet hours of the night, her fingers slick with wetness, her moans muffled so as not to disturb her girlfriend, asleep beside her. She’ll think I don’t know about it. But I do, and I like it.

AJ Mason ~ Nothing Ever Changes
The woman shone in the evening crowd like the glint of a diamond in a dark mine.

Emma Nichols ~ The Vigneron
I think two people know they’re going to have sex, even without words. It’s written in that soft glance that lingers longer than is perceived appropriate, a smile that speaks to your eyes, and the thrilling effect of a simple touch. 

Thanks for joining us on day one of our five day countdown to the big release day. Catch up on LesFic Eclectic Volume One here.

LesFic Eclectic: Meet the Authors, part two

It’s day two of our little blog run in the week leading up to the release of our free eBook anthology, LesFic Eclectic. In case you didn’t know, I’m Robyn Nyx, and I’ve been responsible for bringing this project together, including the editing and cover and production design.

So who do we have for your reading pleasure today? How about Jenn Matthews, plus new authors, E.V. Bancroft, and AJ Mason? Sounds good to me…

1) Established authors only…What made you want to be involved in this project?

Jenn Matthews: I hadn’t written a short story recently and certainly not one I thought would be good enough to get published. I found one from a while ago, after Robyn asked, and tweaked it slightly, then sent it over!

2) New authors only…How excited are you to be involved in this project?

E.V. Bancroft: Very excited. You hope you can write, you think you can write, but it’s great to have it affirmed. What a great project to be part of. I take my Trilby off to you for organising it.

AJ Mason: Excited and elated! I was so shocked to have my submission accepted. I know what an amazing opportunity it is for an unpublished writer like me to get a story published alongside such well known authors.

3) What’s your story about and what genre does it fall into?

E.V. Bancroft: Bees is a short story about a singer who has fame and adulation, but who finds it hard to have that special connection. I guess it would fall into romance.

Jenn Matthews: It falls into contemporary romance but I’d subgenre it into “comfort/hurt” and “grief.” It’s about Jessie and Laura who, months after losing a baby, find a way to cope with it all one day. In my head it’s a sort of platonic threesome situation.

AJ Mason: It’s just a simple, sweet romantic tale about a woman driving hundreds of miles to spend time with her girlfriend. The catch is that her girlfriend is a genius who loves conspiracy theories, and the latest one is the most challenging yet.

4) What kind of fiction do you like to write and why?

E.V. Bancroft: I like to write literary fiction, for the very simple reason that is what I enjoy reading most. Who knows, I might be tempted to explore other genres.

Jenn Matthews: I like to write lesbian contemporary romance with the element of slow burn. But I have a particularly like writing about invisible people, those with who don’t have their stories told often.

AJ Mason: I write science fiction mostly. I read a lot of it, both classic and new. I love the way it challenges me to look at the world from a different angle and to reflect on the human condition while enjoying fantastical worlds and creatures. I’ve also dabbled in writing some horror, again because it challenges our perspective of reality.

5) Tell us something about yourself that readers might not already know…

E.V. Bancroft: I once took part in an off-road driving competition in the desert in Morocco. The first night we were caught in a thunderstorm that washed away the tracks and created new river beds. That made for interesting navigation.

Jenn Matthews: I just brought home a new puppy. I’m currently standing outside at 2.20am waiting for him to go to the look. I vlog on YouTube too – usually about my writing but also about the fur-kids!

AJ Mason: I shoot precision air pistol. It’s one of the Olympic disciplines and requires high levels of focus and discipline. I spend happy hours just trying to shoot the perfect shot at a card ten meters away. The challenge of it is what keeps me coming back.


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