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LesFic Eclectic Volume Two: Coach Two on the Blog Train

Happy Friday, wonderful readers! It’s the weekend, and there are just three days before I release volume two of the anthology, LesFic Eclectic, absolutely free of charge. It’ll be available to download from BookFunnel on the 21st December.

There are twenty authors between the sheets of this super anthology, a few names you’ll recognise, but mostly, as always, the focus of this project is to give a platform for new voices.

On Coach Two, we have a full house of new and emerging authors in Eliza Hale, Emma Wallis, Lily Morris, and Serena J Bishop.

How excited are you to be involved in this project?

Eliza Hale: So excited! It’s a real honour to have my story included alongside those from such well-known and highly regarded lesfic authors, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

Emma Wallis: I’m really excited to be involved in this project. Getting to work with so many great people in the writing community is so validating. Writers, both new and established, all suffer from imposter syndrome from time to time but being included in a project like this means so much.

Lily Morris: Knowing some of the amazing authors that are being published in the anthology I am beyond excited to see my words along with their talent. 

Serena J Bishop: I’m very excited and grateful to be included in LEV2. I look for any opportunity to share my stories with the world. When I found out I was accepted I made a “yip” sound which scared my chihuahua. Ironic, I know. 

What’s your story about and what genre does it fall into?

Eliza Hale: I would say my story falls into the genre of romantic lesfic. It’s not a romance per-se as the two main characters are already together, but it’s still sweet and romantic! My story follows Leah as she battles to overcome her fears in order to fully trust and commit to her girlfriend, Nima. 

Emma Wallis: Writing a short story for an anthology gave me a little more leeway to explore in a genre that traditionally doesn’t sell as well as the more profitable romances and thrillers. This is a historical short story, but not your usual Victorian or Western lesfic. Here, I’ll be whisking you all the way back to Saxon Britain for a glimpse into the lives of three women.

Lily Morris: Casey is lonely and frustrated, loving Jade with all her heart whilst at the same time confused and angry at her unwillingness to explore the darker side of life. Hidden fantasies are brought to life with the aid of a good friend, but will it be enough for her? I suppose The Feast will fall somewhat into the romance genre as I am truly a softie at heart. But it also slots neatly into erotica, as I have a wonderful naughty streak— just ask the wife. 

Serena J Bishop: Back to School is a wlw romance about a son who wants to set up his single mother with his teacher. What he doesn’t know is that the two women already have a past.

What kind of fiction do you like to write and why?

Eliza Hale: I started off writing erotica and have gradually moved over to romance, where I still like to ramp up the heat levels! I’m fascinated by human connection and relationships, and enjoy writing about same-sex love in what has historically been a straight-dominated genre. I also enjoy creating characters that I wish could find more of in the stories I read, such as bi characters and those with invisible illnesses, as I’m a big believer in the power of representation.

Emma Wallis: I like to write stories that surprise people, that aren’t what you expect. In fact that’s a pretty fitting motto for me in my everyday life — I like to subvert the norm, and try to have fun doing it!

Lily Morris: I’m just at the beginning of my journey into the exploration of fiction writing and have therefore had little opportunity to explore the genres, but what I have written is romance stories with a dark side involving strong, dominant women. I’m a submissive by nature and love a woman who commands attention and who must be obeyed. It thrills and grounds me. I’ve always loved the escapism one can reach in fantasy, and I’ve always wanted to write a fantasy story involving magic and dragons bringing my dreams to life. Maybe that’s the genre of my next story…

Serena J Bishop: I like to write wlw romances and science-fi with a little speculative fiction thrown in. I enjoy writing in these genres because I’m a romantic and I love science. I especially find fringe science fascinating and like to pull ideas from research areas that seem impossible.

Tell us something about yourself that readers might not already know.

Eliza Hale: Just before the pandemic hit I got into axe-throwing as a hobby, and am hoping to pick this up again once circumstances allow.

Emma Wallis: I don’t have a romantic bone in my body, perhaps that’s why I steer clear of writing traditional romances.

Lily Morris: Within four walls I am out of my depth a lot of the time and would choose to be alone with a good book, however, get me into the fresh air with walking boots or my mountain bike and I’m a wind up toy ready primed (as long as I’m kept fed!). 

Serena J Bishop: For my novels, I create a vision board. I have images of people who look like characters, maps, quotes, story themes, anything that helps remind me of the larger picture of the story.

What’s your favourite line from your story in LesFic Eclectic Volume Two?

Eliza Hale ~ The Wedding Invitation
As I rested my head on her chest and listened to her heartbeat, my anxiety started to fade and the comforting, just-right feeling of her body in my arms turned my mind to simpler, more physical matters.

Emma Wallis ~ Triquetra
They had fallen asleep that night huddled together to keep out the chill: the three nanny goats, two lovers, and a widow.

Lily Morris ~ The Feast
The butler touched the headset mic on her ear. “The main course has arrived. I’m bringing her up now.”

Serena J Bishop ~ Back to School Night
The quasi-Salvador Dali themed hallway decorations changed into Edgar Allen Poe-inspired art. She hoped the macabre and ominous tone wasn’t foreshadowing her evening. 

Thanks for joining us on day two of our five day countdown to the big release day. Catch up on LesFic Eclectic Volume One here.

And to whet your appetites, here’s a full list of the authors featured in LesFic Eclectic Volume Two:

Helena Harte, Margaux Fox, Emma Nichols, AJ Mason, Eliza Hale, Emma Wallis, Lily Morris, Serena J Bishop, Anne Shade, S Derkins, Sam Skyborne, Katie Margaret Hall, Jenn Matthews, E.V. Bancroft, Anna Larner, Lee Haven, Carla David, Robyn Nyx, Brey Willows, and Valden Bush.

Now that’s what you call a great line up!

LesFic Eclectic: Meet the Authors, part one

Hey there, and welcome to our little blog run in the week leading up to the release of our free eBook anthology, LesFic Eclectic. I’m Robyn Nyx, and I’ve been responsible for bringing this project together, including the editing and cover and production design. You’ll also find me between the electronic sheets of this lovely book with my story, Heart Halfway Gone. 

Shall we begin? Let’s kick off our first teaser of the week with Brey WillowsGill McKnight, and Kitty McIntosh.

1) Established authors only…What made you want to be involved in this project?

Brey Willows: I love writing short stories, and it’s a great way to showcase new work or stories you haven’t put out in the world yet. And I loved the idea of being in an anthology with such a great variety of established, new, and aspiring authors.

Gill McKnight: I’ve been a friend of Brey and Robyn for yonks, as so was very pleased to be asked to contribute. Unfortunately, I had no short story to hand, but they were gracious enough to take a slice of my WIP. Love working with you guys.

2) New authors only…How excited are you to be involved in this project?

Kitty McIntosh: I’m extremely excited to be involved in Lesfic Eclectic. It’s such a thrill to be published alongside some amazing established authors and other new authors. I can’t wait to read the other stories.

3) What’s your story about and what genre does it fall into?

Brey Willows: This is a work in progress, and I might turn it into a novel at some point. I wanted to play with gothic tropes (scary house, fog, mysterious folks), and this was my first venture into it. So it’s a subtle, ghosty, romantic-ish story that probably wouldn’t fit anywhere but in this anthology!

Kitty McIntosh: My story is set at the Ellcon Conference in Bristol in 2018. Kerry has some major responsibilities at home making it difficult for her to ever get away. When her best friend steps in as a fairy godmother she is free to go, and finds more than just books and author talks there. It’s a contemporary romance and a sweet love story.

Gill McKnight: I suppose this is General Fiction, in that it’s a pseudo journal about life as a taverna owner in Greece, lesbian style. It depicts the quiet, gentle sway of the days here and then the fun, fast paced party nights.

4) What kind of fiction do you like to write and why?

Brey Willows: I like spec fic. I love otherworldly elements, where characters are pushed out of their comfort zones. That includes dystopian fiction, because those stories push characters out of their comfort zones too. And I like a bit of humor in with my work. Life is too serious as it is.

Kitty McIntosh: I enjoy writing short stories and am now branching into novellas and novels. I love writing romance, erotica, mystery and paranormal/fantasy. I read all of these genres and have been so inspired by some of the great books I’ve read. I want to write my own too.

Gill McKnight: I write whatever catches my imagination, but I am mostly known for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

5) Tell us something about yourself that readers might not already know…

Brey Willows: There’s not much interesting about me…I’m incredibly clumsy and extremely accident prone. As my mother-in-law says, I could trip over the pattern in a carpet. Oh, and I once ate so much pineapple in Hawaii that I ended up allergic to it for years after.

Kitty McIntosh: I’m a total politics geek, and the famous psephologist Professor Sir John Curtice, who turns up regularly on TV analysing election statistics, was one of my professors at the University of Strathclyde. I am that person who stays up all night watching the results come in for every election!

Gill McKnight: While on holiday here I rescued a 7 week old puppy. I ended up adopting him only to realise my working life as an IT contractor did not fit around owning a dog. This made me reassess my life and I subsequently changed career so I could move into my holiday home in Eressos permanently and live there with Wally (the puppy). That’s how I became a full time writer and part of the Dirt Road Books collective, a dog made me do it.


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