I’ve been a writer all my life. I love sharing stories, playing with words, and talking all things writerly with other authors. 2020 was the year I went solo and began my self-publishing journey after four happy years and six books with Bold Strokes Books. I now have the rights back to all of those books and will be re-releasing them, freshly edited and with new cover art over the next couple of years. My first self-published book was the second Chase Stinsen adventure, The Copper Scroll, and is the follow up to The Golden Trinity(previously published as Uncharted) which I’ve already republished in eBook and paperback on Amazon. The Copper Scroll is also available on Amazon. I released Music City Dreamers in August, completely refreshed with a new edit, an epilogue, and a fancy new cover design.

2020 was a funny year of pandemics and isolation, and loneliness and anxiety for a lot of people. I hope that was mitigated a little by my Queer the Shelves event back in June (2020) where I was joined by twenty-three amazing LGBTQ authors, poets, and performers for a full day of wordy fun (including Julie Cohen, Lise Gold, and Brey Willows). If you missed it, you can now catch up on all five panels over on the Queer the Shelves YouTube channel. Watch this space for news of next year’s event!

I topped that crazy year off with the release of volume two of my free anthology, LesFic Eclectic, in December. The aim of the anthology is to showcase new voices to the wonderful world of women loving women literature. There are also a few established, old favourite authors in there too. We had Emma Nichols, Sam Skyborne, and Brey Willows and we’re introducing some new authors, including Emma Wallis and Lily Morris. Grab your free copy from BookFunnel, where you can also download Volume One for free too!

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Who am I? What would you like to know?

Let’s start with an official-type bio and see where we go from there. I’m an avid shutter-bug and lover of all things fast and physical, hence why I own a big red Bandit to hurtle around the countryside on, and a Canon 7D to capture things that fascinate me. I write lesbian fiction at night, but by day, I’m the director of Global Wordsmiths. I live with my soul mate and fellow scribe—and we have no kids or kittens, which allows us to travel to exotic places at the drop of a hat for “research.”

Things I love (in no particular order)


Birds (the feathered variety), Brownies

Cheesecake, Cherry Twizzlers, Cigars, Cookies, Country music


Flowers, Fresh air

Going to the gym

Ice cream

Movies, My bike, My car, My Macs(i and Book), My mum and dad, My wife

Our couch

Rain, Running to or and after something


Technology, Travel, Trees