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“Crime and sapphic brilliance. Nyx’s writing is power and beauty.”

The Hyperactive Bookworm

Dead Pretty is crying out to be made into a movie. It is head and shoulders above many of the scripts we see brought to our screens.”

Kitty Kat’s Book Blog

“Nyx’s debut is a grim but entertaining thriller with two well-realized heroines.”

Publisher’s Weekly
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“The aspects of [Nyx’s] writing, which many readers have grown to love, are still wonderfully present (not least those exquisite sentences).”

Queer Literary Loft

“If you are a sucker for fast paced, gritty crime thrillers that will make you neglect your household chores and read way past your bedtime, well, fellow book lover, this is certainly the story for you.”

The Lesbian Review

“Dead good! A great read [that] will keep you turning pages until the end.”

Iona Kane, author of Sleepless Nights

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