I’ve been a writer all my life, but I’m new to this amazing world of authoring. My first novel, “Never Enough” (see below for BSB press release), was published by Bold Strokes Books on the 1st November, 2016, and you’ll find a professional review of it on the fancy Publishers Weekly  site. The first in the trilogy of The Extractor Series, “Escape in Time” was released in April 2017, and you can already find me in “From Top to Bottom” and “Girls on Campus” – available directly from LadyLit Publishing and Bold Strokes Books, and of course, Amazon. There’s also some free stuff right here on the “Book Banquet and Free Fiction” tab.

2017 is going to be an exciting, country-hopping year, with the 8th Annual Bold Strokes Books UK festival on June 3rd and 4th plus the Brighton and Manchester Prides in the UK. Brey Willows (Fury’s Bridge ~March 2017) and I will be hitting Women’s Week in P’Town in October 2017. We’ll also be reading and hosting workshops at the Lesvos Lesfic Festival 8-13 June. Plus, we’re delivering a writing retreat in the lovely lesbian resort of  Bambu in Spain (30 Sept – 6 Oct)

Authors have never been so accessible! We’re out of our caves and at venues near you!

See below for back jacket blurbs on all my books.

January 12, 2016 Announcement: New Title from Robyn Nyx

Bold Strokes Books is pleased to announce the acquisition of Robyn Nyx’s new romance, Never Enough, scheduled for release in 2016 from Bold Strokes Books.

Never Enough – released November 1, 2016

When a killer sets her sites on her target, is there any stopping her?

Award-winning journalist Madison Ford is taking a well-deserved break from covering foreign wars. That break is cut short when she receives a mysterious package, full of incriminating information on a human trafficking ring. When she’s asked to do an interview with an actress and humanitarian, it seems like a welcome distraction. Little does she know how distracting it will become.

Elodie Fontaine is in demand. She chooses the movies she wants to work on and the women she wants in her bed. Humanitarian work takes up the rest of her time. Love isn’t an option. When Madison walks into her life, she’s faced with a dilemma: pursue Madison and lose her heart, or avoid the risk and lose her chance at happiness.

When Madison’s life is in danger, will love pull them through? Or will it be too late?

 May, 2016 Announcement: New Title from Robyn Nyx

Escape in Time – released April 1, 2017

Working in the past can be hell on your future…

An Extractor is elite in every way, and Landry Donovan is no exception. Pulsus, an
organization working to build a better future by saving people from the past, sends Landry’s team back to Nazi Germany to save a Jewish doctor working on a cure for cancer. For the first time on a mission, she’s distracted by thoughts of a woman, the enticing basketball player, Jade Carter.

Jacqulyn Delaney, a Pulsus Operative, waits in a concentration camp for Landry’s arrival. Her job is slowly messing with her mind, as is her desire to be more to Landry than just a friend with benefits. When an unexpected relationship blooms in Germany, it puts a new perspective on the future.

Can they save the doctor? Or will their personal demons leave them stuck in the past?



January, 2017 Announcement: New Title from Robyn Nyx

Change in Time – released November 17, 2017

Landry’s life has always been about doing her duty and giving it her all, and when they have to stop a deranged serial killer in the past, she tries to stay focused. But now, with Jade Carter always on her mind, her worry about Delaney’s mental welfare, and her attempt to have a normal life, things feel more complex than ever before.

Plagued by nightmares and memories of the woman she left behind in Nazi Germany, Delaney knows things have to change, and she’s the one to make it happen. But making those changes may mean she loses Landry forever. When she sets her plans in motion during her mission, she has no idea how it will end.

Will their differences demand the ultimate sacrifice?


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