Hello there, you wonderful people! How’s 2022 treating you so far? What are your goals? I’m hoping for another great year of playing with words. And on that note, my new book is all but ready, and I’m happy to report that I’m on schedule for release at the end of February! Dead Pretty is a romantic intrigue novel with a kick-ass FBI agent and a slightly neurotic reality TV star. It’s fast-burn, low-angst, and pacy. Here’s the blurb:
Special Agent Dak Farrell works cold cases, and she’s damn good at it. She’s always on the move and doesn’t care where the next case takes her. But when the Salt Lake City police department need her help with a new serial killer, she’ll be around a little longer than usual. Long enough to get attached to the beautiful woman next door.

Mortician Callie “CJ” Johnson is on top of the world until her show, Dead Pretty, is canceled. Thanks to a frivolous lifestyle, she’s got nothing to show for it. With no other alternative, she heads home to lick her wounds and wait for a new opportunity. When she sees the hot FBI agent living next door, that opportunity isn’t what she expected.

When CJ fixes the serial killer’s “artistic” work, she becomes his next target. Will Dak be able to save her? Or will The Artist claim CJ as his next victim?
And while you’re waiting for that, have you downloaded your free ebook copy of this year’s Butterworth Books anthology, LesFic Eclectic Volume Three, edited by yours truly. With twenty-three established, emerging, and new voices, there’s something for everyone. Authors include Emma Nichols, Brey Willows, Margaux Fox, and M Ullrich.